Elephant Doll in Purple Dress

The dress for the elephant doll was finished shortly after my last WIP post in the fall. But I’ve neglected the blog since then, with other busyness going on around here. So finally, here is a photo of the finished doll with her dress. My daughter has named her “Ellie” 🙂

Ellie - sm

Since it’s been a few months, I can also comment on the quality of the doll/project/yarn — The doll has held up super well so far to both of my kids playing with it, my 6 year old daughter and 3 year old son. Check my last post for a link to Julie Williams’ animal doll patterns — I can’t recommend them enough.



Elephant Doll with Dress (WIP Wed.)


Girl Elephant in a Frondy Frock by Julie Williams



My daughter is very excited that her elephant doll is almost ready. There’s just a bit more work on the dress to finish up, and it should be a ‘finished object Friday’ post soon. Thanks to Julie Williams for this pattern — she has a great line of patterns, including other super cute animal dolls. Definitely take a look if you’re not familiar already!

I closely followed the pattern for the doll (especially the much appreciated tips on stuffing it properly). However I adapted the dress pattern a bit to make it double-sided. That means it’s a bit thicker now but also twice as fun!

My daughter picked the colours, which definitely remind me of the old CGA graphics on my first family computer when I was her age. That four-colour mode with cyan and magenta brings back memories…

Alley Cat

Lark Rise Shawl – finished object Friday

Although I’ve been knitting for years (since ’09 or ’10) I had, until recently, yet to knit one traditional knitter’s project: a shawl. I made this one for my wife’s grandmother, and my lovely wife models it in the photos here. It seemed to knit up quickly considering the size; all the yarn-overs definitely helped.

It’s the Lark Rise Shawl by Sierra Morningstar. This one is made with Tosh Vintage in Flycatcher Blue. I’m not used to blocking large items like this, but I followed the pattern’s recommendations and proceeded carefully (as shown below). I think it turned out nicely.

lark rise blocking

Finished Object Friday: cute booties


You may notice I’ve shared other finished objects within the last week. I’ve been making up for many Fridays without posts. But now here’s a proper ‘Finished Object Friday’ post!

For these baby booties I slightly adapted pattern #1 from the Cascade 220 book, 60 Quick Baby Knits. That’s “Flower Stitch Booties” by Angela Juergens.

The yarn is the “Brocade” colour in Julie Asselin‘s “Nurtured” line. It’s 100% wool: Rambouillet, Targhee, and Merino. They’re a Canadian company, located in Coaticook, Quebec. So they’re local-ish for me here in Dundas, Ontario — Okay not local, but they are closer most of my other favourites. Full disclosure: I’m now a fan.


striped baby hat in blue and grey


This hat was made for a coworker’s baby. The pattern is available for free on Ravelry. Here’s the link. It’s somewhat similar to another pattern that I’ve used before — This one in pink, green, and pink again — but less-fitted at the top, a bit stretchier there. This one was knit in Tosh Vintage, like many of my recent projects. It’s the same grey used for the octopus and also a new Turn A Square hat for myself.