Quick Self-Striping Hat

There are a few projects I’ve finished that have yet to be posted here. And here’s the first of those. My son is 10 months old now, and it was about time I made him another hat. He grew out of the first one in the spring, when he was only 2 or 3 months old.

This time I made up my own pattern and adjusted/corrected it as I went. The yarn is one of the self-striping options in the Liberty Wool line by Classic Elite Yarns. I use a lot of fingering weight yarns, and this is worsted. So it seemed to knit up quickly. The ribbing also makes it nice and stretchy (you can see Henry testing that below). Here are the photos.

Cheers, and happy new year!



Some pattern details: It’s 3×3 ribbing on US 7 needles. My gauge was 9 sts per 4 cm. When decreasing for the crown, I transitioned (over several rows for each stage) to 2×2 ribbing, then 1×1, with no decreases on alternate rows. I think I could have decreased more sharply a few rows before the end–Notice the top puffs a bit. It almost needs a pompom. I might add that 🙂

Even more baby booties!!

If there’s one thing I knit more than any other, it has to be baby booties (I think baby hats are a close second). A lot of friends and family–us included–have been having kids recently. It’s a very exciting time 🙂

These pink booties were for my coworker’s beautiful newborn girl. The yarn is the rest of the skein I had used for my first niece in 2012, which I’d been saving. It’s a caper sock yarn from String Theory. Here’s a photo from then.

ball of yarn - String Theory, Caper Sock

And here’s the finished product now. (I’ll mention that the colours show much more accurately with my current camera.)

IMG_9619 sm IMG_9615 sm IMG_9612 sm

PS. I should still have a WIP post soon. Funny how that got pushed back for an FO post 🙂

cabled hat for my daughter

A while back–in my tie post in January–I mentioned I was planning a new winter hat for my 3-year-old daughter Evelyn. The hat is finally done, just in time for… um, summer… But luckily I knit it larger! And the yarn is nicely stretchy. So, it’ll be useful this coming winter and for years! This hat is my first use for the amazing yarn from Waterloo Wools that I picked up  at the local knitting fair last September.

This hat took as long as it did because I actually knit it twice. Certain errors were made in my own conversions to a fingering weight yarn (the pattern calls for worsted), which I will not go into, except to say that the first attempt was too shallow a bit wide. But I learned, and this one looks great!

(The original pattern, by Charmedyarn, is available here.)

IMG_9606 IMG_9609


The Nintendo Knitting Machine

I just saw this gem and had to share it. Who wants a vintage power glove when you can have this?! The ad claims that “no other video game system offers anything even remotely similar.” I’d bet that claim still holds up.

Nintendo Knitting Machine

Thanks to the Chillies & Knitting tumblr for sharing it first — here’s their original link. (I discovered it there after they shared my hatching penguin gif, which is also awesome.)

Here’s an article on Kotaku about the Nintendo Knitting Machine. Sadly, from what I can tell, this peripheral was never released. So I won’t be dusting off my old NES anytime soon.

A new baby

Our son Henry Edwin was born on Feb. 27th. He’s perfect and healthy and amazing. We couldn’t be more excited to be parents again. (I know he’ll feature in lots of future posts as well, along with his sister.)

Here he is in a red hat I made for him.


The yarn is a fingering weight merino by Indigo Dragonfly. This one. It was an extraordinarily thoughtful and well-appreciated present for my birthday last year (Red is my favourite colour, and I do love Firefly). I’m still thinking of a project for the rest of the 1.5 skeins, possibly a matching hat for me 🙂


Double-knit tie in purple & grey

My double-knit tie is complete. I previously posted about it last summer, and in fact it took about a year in all. In that time, I mastered double-knit increases, decreases, and selvedges. I also tinked more rows than in any previous project (because it must be perfect!). And with all the double-knitting I find myself now defaulting to seed stitch. But the tie is now finished!

The pattern is Silk City by Alasdair Post-Quinn. I used two colours of Madelinetosh Merino light, a single-ply fingering weight yarn. It’s a great pattern, and I like how the lower contrast of the purple and the grey turned out with mine.

The tie is in fact a long-awaited present for my brother-in-law, which he was glad to receive recently. Before I handed it over, I took a few pictures and, of course, tried it on myself 🙂




(I believe this is actually the first photo of me on the site. I guess I don’t knit things for men too often.)

Next up: I’m working on a winter hat for my daughter, using this awesome yarn.