Elephant Doll with Dress (WIP Wed.)


Girl Elephant in a Frondy Frock by Julie Williams



My daughter is very excited that her elephant doll is almost ready. There’s just a bit more work on the dress to finish up, and it should be a ‘finished object Friday’ post soon. Thanks to Julie Williams for this pattern — she has a great line of patterns, including other super cute animal dolls. Definitely take a look if you’re not familiar already!

I closely followed the pattern for the doll (especially the much appreciated tips on stuffing it properly). However I adapted the dress pattern a bit to make it double-sided. That means it’s a bit thicker now but also twice as fun!

My daughter picked the colours, which definitely remind me of the old CGA graphics on my first family computer when I was her age. That four-colour mode with cyan and magenta brings back memories…

Alley Cat


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